Top 40 Single Music of 1914

Billboard (ビルボード)

This is Top 40 Single Music of 1914

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1 Heidelberg Quintet
By the Beautiful Sea
2 American Quartet
It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary
3 Harrison Latimer
Are We Downhearted? No!
4 Grupo Chiquinha Gonzaga
5 Prince’s Orchestra
Ballin’ the Jack
6 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
The Aba Daba Honeymoon
7 Henry Burr & Albert Campbell & Will Oakland
I’m On My Way to Mandalay
8 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
I Love the Ladies
9 Ada Jones & Billy Watkins
By the Beautiful Sea
10 Joe Hayman
Cohen on the Telephone
11 Henry Burr
Cohen on the Telephone
12 American Quartet
Rebecca of Sunny-brook Farm
13 Bert Williams
The Dark Town Poker Club
14 Enrico Caruso
Amor Mio (My Love)
15 Basil Hallam
Gilbert The Filbert
16 Bach
Quand Madelon
17 Mario Pinheiro
18 Billy Murray
He’s a Devil in His Own Home Town
19 American Quartet
Do You Take This Woman for Your Lawful Wife?
20 Henry Burr & Helen Clark
In the Valley of the Moon
21 Peerless Quartet
Don’t Blame it All on Broadway
22 Marguerite Dunlap
You’ve Got Your Mother’s Big Blue Eyes
23 Henry Burr
When You’re a Long, Long Way from Home
24 Elida Morris
If I Had Someone at Home Like You
25 Billy Murray
He’d Have to Get Under – Get Out & Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile)
26 Nora Bayes
The Good Ship Mary Ann
27 Manuel Romain
I Miss You Most of All
28 Grupo Chiquinha Gonzaga
29 Violet Loraine
When We’ve Wound Up The Watch On The Rhine
30 Mario Pinheiro
Mulata Vaidosa
31 Clarice Mayne
I Was a Good Little Girl ‘till I Met You
32 Billy Murray
The 20th Century Rag
33 Peerless Quartet
When the Angelus is Ringing
34 Henry Burr
In the Heart of the City That Has No Heart
35 Billy Murray
When You’re All Dressed Up & No Place to Go
36 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
Celebratin’ Day in Tennessee
37 Peerless Quartet
If I Had My Way
38 Henry Burr
You Planted a Rose in the Garden of Love
39 Peerless Quartet
This is the Life
40 American Quartet
When You Wore a Tulip & I Wore a Big Red Rose