Top 40 Single Music of 1901

Billboard (ビルボード)

This is Top 40 Single Music of1901

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1 Sousa’s Band
Stars & Stripes Forever
2 Sousa’s Band
American Patrol
3 S H Dudley
When Reuben Comes to Town
4 Harry MacDonough
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
5 Will Denny
Any Old Place I Hang My Hat is Home, Sweet Home To Me
6 Dan Quinn
Good Evening, Carrie
7 Byron G Harlan
Hello Central, Give Me Heaven
8 Cal Stewart
Uncle Josh’s Huskin’ Bee Dance
9 Cal Stewart
Jim Lawson’s Horse Trade with Deacon Witherspoon
10 Harry MacDonough
The Tale of the Bumble Bee
11 Jack Morrison
Knocked ‘Em in The Old Kent Road
12 Big Four Quartet
Good-Bye, Dolly Gray
13 Harry MacDonough & Grace Spencer
Tell Me Pretty Maiden
14 JW Myers
In the Shade of the Palm
15 Harry MacDonough
When the Harvest Days are Over
16 S H Dudley
17 Joe Belmont
Whip-Poor-Will Song
18 The Variety Singers
Ask a Policeman
19 Dan Quinn
You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
20 George Washington Johnson
The Laughing Song
21 George J Gaskin
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
22 Len Spencer
Reuben Haskins from Skowhegan, Maine
23 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
The Wedding of Reuben & the Maid
24 Arthur Collins
Cindy, I Dreams About You
25 The Variety Singers
Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer
26 Harry MacDonough
Good-Bye, Dolly Gray
27 Byron G Harlan
When the Harvest Days are Over
28 Arthur Collins
I Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles Me
29 Mina Hickman
When I Think of You
30 Dan Quinn
Ain’t Dat a Shame?
31 Harry MacDonough
I’ll Be with You When the Roses Bloom Again
32 Harry MacDonough
When You Were Sweet Sixteen
33 Harry MacDonough
I’ve a Longing in My Heart for You, Louise
34 Parlophone Quartet
Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room?
35 Harry MacDonough
In the Shade of the Palm
36 S H Dudley
Ma Blushin’ Rosie
38 JW Myers
When You Were Sweet Sixteen
39 Sousa’s Band
William Tell Overture
40 Len Spencer
Scene at a Dog Fight