Top 40 Single Music of 1904

Billboard (ビルボード)

This is Top 40 Single Music of 1904

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1 Cal Stewart
Uncle Josh & the Insurance Company
2 Haydn Quartet
3 Haydn Quartet
Sweet Adeline (You’re the Flower of My Heart)
4 Billy Murray
5 Richard Jose
Silver Threads Among the Gold
6 Corrine Morgan
7 Frank Stanley & Byron G Harlan
Blue Bell
8 Billy Murray
Meet Me in St Louis
9 Peerless Quartet
Sweet Adeline (You’re the Flower of My Heart)
10 Patapio Silva
Amor Perdido
11 Haydn Quartet
Blue Bell
12 Billy Murray
13 Billy Murray
14 Ernie Mayne
I Can’t Do My Bally Bottom Button Up
15 Byron G Harlan
All Aboard for Dreamland
16 Enrico Caruso
Aida – Celeste Aida
17 Cal Stewart
Evening Time at the Pumpkin Center
18 Albert Campbell & James F Harrison
Sweet Adeline (You’re the Flower of My Heart)
19 Arthur Collins
I’ve Got a Feelin’ for You
20 S H Dudley
Meet Me in St Louis
21 Mario Pinheiro
Primeiro Amor
22 JW Myers
Come Take a Trip in My Air-Ship
23 Billy Murray
Teasing (I was Only Teasing You)
24 Billy Murray
Under the Anheuser Bush
25 Haydn Quartet
Dear Old Girl
26 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
Under the Anheuser Bush
27 Isabel Jay
My Heart’s At Your Feet
28 George J Gaskin
29 Isabel Jay
Poor Wand’ring One
30 Bob Roberts
The Woodchuck Song
31 Bob Roberts
I May be Crazy, But I Ain’t No Fool
32 Henry Burr
My Little Canoe
33 JW Myers
34 Arthur Pryor’s Band
35 Bob Roberts
36 Vess Ossman
Razzle Dazzle
37 JW Myers
Meet Me in St Louis
38 Frank Stanley & Corrine Morgan
Listen to the Mocking Bird
39 Harry MacDonough
40 Henry Burr
Good-Bye, My Lady Love