Top 40 Single Music of 1906

Billboard (ビルボード)

This is Top 40 Single Music of1906

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1 Bert Williams
2 Billy Murray
The Grand Old Rag
3 Harry Lauder
Stop Your Tickling Jock
4 DeWolf Hopper
Casey at the Bat
5 Bert Williams
Let it Alone
6 Corrine Morgan
So Long, Mary
7 Harry Tally
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
8 Mario Pinheiro
Clelia (Ao Desfraldar da Vela)
9 Enrico Caruso & Antonio Scotti
La Forza Del Destino – Solenne in Quest’ Ora
10 Byron G Harlan
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
11 Albert Campbell
Love Me & the World is Mine
12 Henry Burr
Love Me & the World is Mine
13 Arthur Collins & Byron G Harlan
Camp Meetin’ Time
14 Corrine Morgan
How’d You Like to Spoon with Me?
15 Byron G Harlan
The Good Old USA
16 Richard Jose
Home Sweet Home
17 Bert Williams
Here it Comes Again
19 Victoria Monks
Give My Regards to Leicester Square
20 Banda do Corpo de Bombeiros
Tres Estrelinhas (O Que Tu es)
21 Byron G Harlan
Daddy’s Little Girl
22 Enrico Caruso
Forza Del Destino – Solenne in Quest ‘Ora (Swear in This Hour)
23 Ada Jones
So Long, Mary
24 Billy Murray
College Life
25 Byron G Harlan
Keep on the Sunny Side
26 Henry Burr
Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night
27 Arthur Pryor’s Band
On the Rocky Road to Dublin
28 Billy Murray
Cheyenne (Shy Ann)
29 Haydn Quartet
Will You Love Me in December as You Do in May?
30 Ada Jones
Waiting at the Church (My Wife Won’t Let Me)
31 Florrie Ford
Waltz Me Round Again
32 Eduardo das Neves
Perdao Emilia
33 Mario Pinheiro
Por Um Beijo
34 George Alexander
I Want What I Want When I Want It
35 Frank Stanley
Good-Bye, Sweetheart, Good-Bye
36 James McCool
There Never was a Girl Like You
37 Len Spencer & Ada Jones
Peaches ‘n’ Cream
38 Vess Ossman
St Louis Tickle
39 Frank Stanley
I Want What I Want When I Want It
40 Haydn Quartet
In Dear Old Georgia